Reighna Charles

Frisky, fit, and filthy mature companion

When you’re ready to kick back and cut loose, come find me on the Northeast Coast 

After a day of managing your business, making big decisions, and doing what you gotta do, hand the reins over. I’ll give you the downtime, entertainment, and care you’re craving. All you need to do is relax and be yourself.

Hang out with a mature companion who wants you, to be you

  • I’m a young-at-heart mid-30s American woman
  • From Portuguese and Italian heritage 
  • Which explains my long, cascading brown hair
  • And soft, olive complexion.
  • Standing at 5 ft, 6 in (168 cm)
  • I have a slender, athletic body shape
  • 36B breasts, size 4 dress size, and US 8 feet
  • And tattoos that I challenge you to find.
mature companion reighna charles laughing

Wild, sexy and… yeah OK. A little bit dorky too

The Part Where You Get To Know More About Me

Connecting with someone means letting yourself relax enough to open up. Like, really let it all out. How else can we build a friendship we both enjoy if we can’t? And so here’s a bit of a teaser about me. The rest you’ll have to experience for yourself when we meet.

The playful companion

Life is stressful. When working as a teacher in my day job I need to be responsible, lead, and make big decisions.

Beyond that, I’m spinning the same (what feels like) million-and-one plates as everyone else. When I’m with you, I’m looking for fun. For opportunities to come back down to earth and spend time with someone I can laugh with.

Free-wheeling, uninhibited laughter is a big part of who I am. And I try to live a life where my smile never leaves my lips. 

The fitness fanatic and adventurer

Yoga, hiking, snowboarding, SUP, dancing, gym sessions. Basically, I’m into anything that gets me moving. (And I have the body to match my active, thrill-seeking lifestyle.)

I feel my best after an intense workout. For me, the gym is my sanctuary, and exercising is cathartic. It’s where I let off steam and release stress. And it gets the endorphins going.

Rather than feeling exhausted and tired, a hot, sweaty workout leaves me revved up and ready to go. And believe me, my toned muscles come in handy when it comes to holding some of your favorite sexual positions.

The sexy vixen

I’m the kinda gal who loves wearing elegant, figure-flattering fashions. And they can be any brand.

While haute-couture labels are nice, they certainly don’t rule my wardrobe. Instead, my style is minimal makeup and outfits that accentuate my figure, while giving me the freedom to move, dance, and play.

I’m also a woman who loves racy red lingerie. Not dusty pink. Not burgundy. But confident, come-fuck-me fiery red. It’s even better when I find a set that screams, “I’m ready for wild, frisky, play. Take me now!”  

The nerdy goofball

I laugh at dad jokes. I laugh at my own jokes. And my favorite type of humor is the comedy found smart yet uncomfortable sitcom. (Think Arrested Development and The Office.) It’s uncanny how often the dorky, awkward situations in those shows crop up in my own life, and it makes me howl. But hey, it’s all part of being human. And as long as we can laugh when they happen and embrace them for what they are, it’s all good. 

I wanna be the mature companion you really get to know

It’s natural that our relationship will be private and discrete. But when we’re together in our own bubble away from the world, I’d love to show you how easy it is to get to know me. The real me. 

So if you’re tired of hanging out alone, take the next step to bring us together.