All American Tour Boston & Philadelphia

All American Tour

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve checked in! What a wild ride it’s been over the past few months with the global pandemic and social isolation. Like all of you, I have been hunkering down and weathering the storm. I’m excited to announce I will begin touring again. 

I like to think of this as my All American Tour! I’ll be visiting Boston and Philadelphia while I wait for my beloved NYC to reopen. And of course, I can always meet you in your preferred city of choice. All you have to do is ask and you shall receive. 

Boston Baby

What can I say about Boston? I love, love, love Boston! I always look forward to touring in Boston. In fact, it’s one of my favorite cities to explore. From the amazing views, sights, and sounds to the museums and all of the local history peppered with the personality of the locals – I love when I get to date in Boston.

One of my more memorable Boston dates – we met at Ostra for dinner. We immediately made a connection (you know, one of those instant sparks that leave you anticipating the next moment). A few drinks later, we couldn’t wait any longer. We slipped away and decided to explore each other instead of the menu. By the time we made it back for dinner, we had really worked up an appetite!


Every few months I take a trip to Philadelphia, and this lovely little city never disappoints. From fine dining and luxury hotels to a baseball game and a Philly cheesesteak – I’m down for whatever adventure you’re looking for! Whether you need me dressed up for a formal event or prefer to chill after a night of bar hopping, I guarantee we’ll have an amazing time exploring the city (and each other).  


As we navigate the new normal, I look forward to experiencing intimate connections with genuine, kind, loving, and sensual people. I love getting lost in the moment. I love connecting in a way that leaves us feeling as if we were the only two people in the world. When this connection culminates with passionate sex – double win! 

I’m looking to explore new places with male companions who have a zest for life and an appetite for sensual and erotic pleasures. So if you’re tired of hanging out alone, I’m ready to meet you! 

Sensual Sex

When it comes to sensual, hot, wild, and erotic sex – I simply can’t get enough! I guess you could say I have an insatiable appetite for all things intimate and physical. I like it hot and steamy. I like it slow and intimate. I like it rough and frisky. In fact, the only thing better than slipping into sexy lingerie is when you slip it off of me! It makes me hot just thinking about it!

My sexual desires go beyond physical moments. I get turned on when I turn my partner on. I truly want to bring their wildest desires to life. When I can get my partner to that heightened and euphoric state of intense climax, it truly takes my pleasure to the next level of amazing!

Luxury Travel Companion

So what are you waiting for? Let me give you the experience of a lifetime! Although I will be touring in Boston & Philadelphia, I am more than happy to meet you wherever your heart desires. If you’re not ready to meet in person yet, check out my virtual offerings. This provides a great alternative for those looking to get to know each other before we meet. 

I hope to spend some time getting to know you soon. But you better hurry and request a date! I only save space in my schedule for a few special companions, and my schedule fills up fast. In the meantime, you should check out my Instagram and Twitter. Brace yourself, it gets pretty steamy.

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