Dates and finer details

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Familiarize yourself with my expectations and etiquette, then book with confidence

As an in-demand professional, your personal time is precious and limited. My escort date guide will help you decide which style of date suits your needs and, more importantly, if I’m the right Northeast companion for you.  

What makes us click? 

I’m a very down-to-earth kinda gal. I enjoy having fun—goofballing around, even—and have an upbeat, relaxed outlook on life. When it comes to pleasure, finding a connection outta the bedroom is what leads to the mind-blowing, between-the-sheets experience we’re both looking for. 

Affinity counts for a lot. Whether it’s a shared sense of humour (dry, witty, and never mean-spirited), similar interests (working out, snowboarding, catching a film), conversation, or a love of erotic exploration, if you’re on my level there’s every chance we’re a match. But let’s make sure. 

The finer details of our arrangement

  • What you should know before you contact me
  • First impressions count. Please be polite when messaging, and approach me with mutual respect in mind.
  • Our privacy is important to me, as it should be to you. I use an end-to-end encrypted email service, and discretion is guaranteed at every stage of our arrangement.
  • Minimum two-hour booking time. This is for all incalls, and outcalls with a travel time of 90 minutes or less. FMTY dates are eight-hours minimum.
  • Requests are welcome. From outfits to activities, share the ideas you have that will make our time together extra special.
  • My rates are my rates. They’re fair for the experiences and affection I offer. Donation haggling elicits one response: “kthanxbye.”
  • I like feeling good but I don’t party. I’d love to unwind with you over a few drinks, but never to excess. And I don’t entertain anything stronger.

What you should know about booking our date

  • Use my contact form. It’s the best way to get in touch and give me the important first details I need. 
  • Screening is essential. Please be prepared to share: photo ID, your LinkedIn profile, 1–2 references from other escorts, a phone number.
  • Dates are arranged via email. This is my preferred method. Phone calls are possible, as long as they’re arranged for a time that works for both of us.
  • Donation methods. Cash, Cashapp, Venmo, and PayPal are all accepted. 
  • Part-donation secures our date. This is a percentage of the total donation. To lock in our time together I must receive this before we meet. I’ll confirm the amount needed during our email conversation.  
  • Cancellations happen. We’ll aim to reschedule. Part-donations are only refunded if you give me at least 48 hours’ notice, or in the unlikely event I have to cancel.
  • Travel and flights. For FMTY dates I’m happy to arrange my own travel, and include it in your final donation. Want us to travel together? Let’s discuss over email. 
  • Accommodation. I have an incall apartment. For outcalls, nothing less than four-star. I’m happy to book somewhere gorgeous and include the cost in your final donation, or leave it up to you.

Longer dates require time out. Dates that are four hours or more must include time out of the room. We can go to a bar, get some food, take a romantic walk, or do something a little more active and off the wall.

What you should know about our time together

  • Settling your donation. Please make an electronic transfer at least 30 minutes before we meet. Not possible? Please put the donation in an envelope or greetings card. Place this in the bathroom (if in a private room) or on one side of the table (if meeting in public).  
  • Donations are for my time and companionship. Anything beyond this shouldn’t be expected. Any physical intimacy is a result of two consenting adults following their desires.
  • Punctuality and grace periods. Traffic jams and last-minute work calls happen. Let me know ASAP if you’re running late. As long as you can make it within 20 minutes of our original meeting time, I’m happy to wait.
  • Appearance and grooming. I love to look, smell and taste good, and as a likeminded person, you do too. If you can’t freshen up before our rendezvous, my incall bathroom is all yours for some pre-date pamper time.  
  • Communication is key. If either of us feels out of our comfort zone, we have the freedom to politely raise the issue and discuss what’s up. 
  • Giving gifts. While this really isn’t necessary, receiving a gift is always appreciated. A charitable donation (ASPCA, Humane Society, The World Wildlife Fund) or clothing and gift cards (Honey Birdette, Gymshark, Lululemon, Amazon) are wonderful gift ideas.

I realize this is a lot to take on board. But having everything out in the open ensures we start on a positive note.

So, if all of this is sittin’ pretty with you, let’s move on. 

Escort date guide

You can spend as much of your day in online meetings as you like. But I guarantee what you’ll see and feel during our time online will be NSFW. 

30 minutes $200
60 minutes $400

Invite me over for some after-work playtime and let’s make the most of the few hours you have to yourself. I’ll help you ease from work mode to indulgent, flirtatious private time.  

Two hours $1600
Three hours $2000

Time is on our side, so between our private desires let’s get up to something fun. Something you don’t get to do every day that leaves you feeling light around the shoulders and full of smiles. I’m down for anything from hiking, kayaking and snowboarding through to bar hopping, theatre trips and heading to a sports game.  

Four hours $2400
Five hours $2800
Six hours $3000
Overnight $5000

Kink is definitely on the table if this style of intimacy tickles your fancy. Let me be the submissive to your Dominant with soft, bedroom bondage games for us to explore starting with body massage, bathing, and cleansing. We can also explore blindfold sensation play, permission and punishment, and low-impact (no marking) impact play using paddles, floggers, and bridle whips. All scene negotiations need to be agreed to before our date, with hard limits including face slapping, facials, and mouth-to-mouth spitting.
Sessions from $2000 for two hours.
Investment adjusted to reflect scene requirements.

Looking for a really wild time?

Choose one of my extended date options.

All day, all night

t24 hours of sensuality and sexiness, rolling from date time to private, pleasure-filled tryst. 


Weekend or mini break

Kiss your everyday grind goodbye for 48 or 72 hours. It’s just you, me, a change of scenery and our playful imaginations for entertainment.

From $8000

Fly me to you

Travel is more fun when you have someone to make memories with.

Our FMTY date can be six hours or several days, but bring us together and let’s enjoy some dancing, celebration and pleasure. 

Investment provided upon inquiry


  • Time spent over 4 hours must include a meal and an outdoor activity.
  • Overnights require at least 7 hours of sleep so I can be at my best and energetic for us.
  • Full day dates must include 2 hours of me time to attend to my admin work and workouts.

Payment Options

  • I currently accept Cash, Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal.
  • Deposits (payable via Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal)
  • For dates lasting less than 12 hours, I require a 25% deposit.
  • For dates lasting more than 24 hours, I require a 50% deposit.
  • For All New Clients, I require a 30% deposit, regardless of date length.

When paying the final donation balance by cash, please present it in an envelope in a conspicuous location within five minutes of your arrival.  If we are meeting in public, feel free to place your donation in a card, or include it with a book or gift. 

When paying your balance by Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal, please do so at least 10 minutes before our scheduled date.

Deposit Policy

All dates will begin only after the final deposit has been paid (ten minutes before our scheduled date time when paying electronically).  If you fail to pay your remaining balance within the stated expectations, you forfeit your deposit, and our date will not occur.

While all deposits are non-refundable, I understand that life happens.  Depending on your circumstances, I may choose to apply your deposit towards a future date.  In the rare event I must cancel, I will refund your deposit.