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Virtual Connectioons

COVID-19 has created crazy times for most of us. However, we can still do our part by self-isolating while we create and maintain the intimate connections in our lives. 

Just in case you were wondering, virtual packages are designed to help us connect on an intimate level. They are for authentic companions who want to experience a sensual, mindful journey that explores your most inner desires. Whether your fantasies are innocent, romantic, naughty, exotic, erotic, or devilish – this is a safe space to explore and see where your innermost desires lead. My packages also include personalized videos tailored to your personal fantasies and desires.

I like to think of my Virtual Connections packages as a sort of intense foreplay leading up to our next in-person date when this storm passes.

Texting & Sexting

Whether you are looking to connect or climax, texting and sexting allows me to connect with my companions when we are physically apart. Casual conversations throughout the day as we get to know one another lead to intense sexting that will blow your mind. I want to explore you innermost desires and fantasies. I want you to explore mine. Together, we will embark on a sensual journey that will lead to a connection unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Intimate EmaIls & Sensual phone calls

I love emailing my companions. Emails allow us to really connect as we dive deep into conversation. Do you want to talk about your favorite book? Perhaps we could exchange passionate and sensual email or we can get really hot and heavy. One thing is for sure, our emails will leave you anticipating our next exchange.  

I’m also love to talk on the phone. You might be surprised to learn how fulfilling intimate phone connections can truly be. Whether you want to casually chat or you want me to make you cum over and over again, I’m ready to please.

Personalized Videos


Flirty and fun casual conversations or sensual slutty videos that make you climax over and over again – these videos are custom tailored to make all of your fantasies and desires come true. Think of me as your personal virtual companion, my sole wish is to please you. Whatever you need to help you through these crazy times, I’ll make it happen.

Virtual Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

This exclusive package is offered only to a select few special companions that wish to experience a true virtual connection with the intent of eventually taking it to the next level. Everything included in my basic virtual connections package and then some, my GFE is designed for companions who know they will want to eventually meet in person. 

In addition, you will get some very spicy and intimate perks each week with this package – to include longer personalized videos and a 30 minute date extension every month! You can use these one at a time or build them up for a special treat (the choice is up to you). I promise to make it worth your while.

Luxury Virtual escort

Whether you’re looking for conversational texting or sexual role play, I’ll give you exactly what you need. Every day you will slip away with me and we will spend our precious time together texting, on the phone, and even exchanging emails. I want to use this time to know your every fantasy and desire, so that together we can make them come true.

My virtual monthly packages are perfect for companions who desire a long distance connection without having to meet in person. Through email, text, and/or phone calls, we will share our most intimate fantasies – getting to know another as we connect on a deeper level. Looking for a little more, my GFE also includes longer personalized videos and a 30 minute date extension every month! You can use these one at a time or build them up for a special treat (the choice is up to you). 

For pricing and more information, click here. I am really looking froward to connecting.



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